“Lila” a Short Film by Carlos Lascano.

Absolutely enchanting little film. Ten minutes of my life well spent watching and dreaming.


Modular 4

Carlos Lascano  released the third part of a trilogy of short films on Vimeo about 4 months back. I’m not sure how I missed this since the first two  A short love story in Stop Motion, and A shadow of blue, were two animated shorts he did that blew me away. None the less  “Lila” skipped past my radar and when it dropped back in January.

Lascano‘s Lila is wonderful story that is a blend of live action and animation where the main character paints the world as she wants to see it, creating a magical space to experience life in. The film has a great look to it,  and the musical score is a perfect match for the mood of the film. There are two videos below. The first is Lila, the second is an interview with Lascano and behind the scenes footage that gives solid insight into the storyline, and his vision. If you…

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