These Will Take Your Breath Away.

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If you have a 4K monitor, I suggest you watch the two videos below on it. If not at least watch them full screen on the highest definition monitor you have like your computer screen. Why because the detail, and color depth of these two time lapse films from  Martin Heck | Timestorm Films will blow you away. Oh you might want to check your bank account for any extra cash, because after you watch these you are going to want to go to New Zealand. These are absolutely beautiful.

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“Cloths of Heaven”. Seb Lester’s Calligraphic Masterpiece.

Have you taken a look at your handwriting recently? Or for that matter that of your children? How many generations are we away from losing the noble art of beautiful handwriting. Leave the keyboard alone for a moment and pen something to someone you care about. And post it.

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There was a time not to long ago when people actually had good hand writing. Taught in primary school, practiced for hours, good penmanship was king. Slowly though, over the last twenty or so years it has begun to dissolve. Why write by hand? Why write in cursive? Why practice the art of creating letterforms by hand when you can type, touch or talk, and have your primary communication device correct your spelling on the fly. Don’t get me wrong I am not anti-technology. I am however in love with beautifully crafted hand lettering that demonstrates the craft of a dying art form. Thanks to people like lettering artist Seb Lester the art form stays alive and well. Hopefully his work will encourage others to take up a pen and create with ink on paper.

Cloths of Heaven’ is Lester’s interpretation of “Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”, by renowned Irish…

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