I was never known to be an early riser!

Some three weeks ago I read a facebook post by @DenLennie, the filmmaker and educator, about becoming a member of the “5.00 am club” as he called it. It was based on the great advice given in a video by Robin Sharma

So I thought I thought I should give it a go. Wow what a difference this has made to my productivity not to mention my well being. I use a great App called ToDoist to plan my time and to help me manage projects. It measures what it calls Karma, or productivity. The image at the top of this post shows part of the following screenshot;

I am about to start week 5. I am already seeing huge benefits in my life in ways I would not have envisaged when I started this new journey. I used to be a late night person but I have totally bought into the early bird syndrome. I get up at 5,  do 20 minutes exercise, 20 minutes planning and 20 minutes of learning about something new. By the time I sit down for breakfast I have already achieved 3 productive hours.

What prompted this post was an article that I read on feedly,

The Morning Rituals of 10 of the World’s Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs (Infographic)


It would appear that I am not alone.